4 Main styles of Motion Graphics

artigo 4MainStylesOfMotionGraphics

Motion Graphics is undoubtedly one of the biggest trends in audiovisual production around the world. In a simplified way, Motion Graphics is bringing graphic design to life through animation.

With this technological evolution in the Motion Graphics scenario, several styles have emerged, and in this way we are going to tell you about 4 very interesting styles.

3D Style

In this style, we are talking about images in which the idea of depth, perspective and an environment that assimilates with reality is very evident.

3D has vanishing points, shadows, reflections, lighting and realistic textures that make it easy to understand. We have to emphasize that this style in general requires a greater investment than other Motion Graphics techniques.


Flat Design

It is a revolution in relation to realistic styles, not being intuitive but powerful, because with this technique it is possible to simplify without having to resort to shadows, reflections, etc., thus making the images clearer and more elegant. Its concept is focused on modernism and innovation, so its cost is much more attractive.

However, this revolution already suffers from some variations that fragment its initial concept and these are the variations: Flat Design Long Shadow, Flat Design with Gradient, Flat Design Fine Lines and Material Design.


Whiteboard animation

It is a style that conveys ideas, content or even stories in a learning environment.

This technique is an ideal tool to capture the attention of those who watch, as it has an intimate atmosphere and is very close to the audience.



In this style, we are basically talking about an intention, with the intention of reaching and captivating the attention of children, through the use of bright colors, more exaggerated, illustrative or even cartoonish styles.

In short, Motion Graphics is present in the most diverse styles of video for various possible purposes, whether institutional, explanatory, marketing, product videos, tutorials, advertisements, among many others.


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