Video vs. image ads: why videos perform better than images

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Video ads tend to perform better than many other ad formats, including images. Video helps marketers increase traffic and dwell time, convey a clearer picture of their product or service, generate new leads and even reduce the amount of customer support calls they receive. However, not all information is video-worthy.

Images also have their positive points, because unlike video, the image can capture our attention immediately or after a few seconds. Another positive aspect is that its production is much easier and cheaper.

We have to clarify that video is and will always be a good option if you really want to see results, as it is the best way to entice and attract the public, building and winning consumer confidence, clearly conveying the message.

Video ads can reach 30% more audience reach than an image ad and can generate three times as many leads.

Here are some tips for creating a successful video ad:

  • Focus on the first few seconds, which are crucial to capture the viewer’s attention, the so-called “effective hook” is essential at this stage.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet” doesn’t have to tell the whole story, less is more. Most video ads are under 30 seconds.
  • Provide value to viewers by being direct to the audience, what they need this product for in their lives and how it can improve their lives.
  • Be memorable, common fallacies are super welcomed here as it helps to make your ad stand out from others as it will be remembered by the viewer long after watching it.
  • Include a CTA, prompt the viewer to take action with a video CTA effective, whether that means clicking a link, calling customer service, or buying a product.

Make your video project with us and you’ll realize how it can make your business grow.