What do Digital Signage videos need to have to be impactful?


Every day we see a wide variety of digital content. Among so many topics, publications and broadcasts, in the end we only remember the information that marked us in some way.

These days, what we see most during the day are possibly videos, which not only attract attention but also convey the message quickly and directly. They are present everywhere, from social networks to digital billboards on the streets.

According to Intel, the public spends 50% more time looking at interactive digital billboards than static billboards. From this firm, how should video for digital signage be created in order to have more impact on the public?

Suitable content

Various types of videos can be used on digital signage screens. The most common techniques are animations, whether 2D or 3D, motion graphics and video capture, with a more advertising objective.
Each video will reach different audiences depending on its visual and narrative elements. To be impactful, it is important to take into account the message to be conveyed and the target audience.
The probability of a video being remembered is high if it has a well-crafted script and a well-defined target audience. This is because the more you know about the audience, the more likely you are to reach them.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Unlike the production of a text, when developing content for a video, it is necessary to think visually, translating what is in the script into images. It is preferable to bet on flashy images that people identify with, icons or graphics rather than putting a lot of text.

In addition to the images, the colors must also be previously defined. Bearing in mind the psychology of colors, they must be used taking into account the feeling they are intended to cause in the viewer.

In the vast majority of cases, content produced for digital signage is fast. The videos last from 30 to 60 seconds, using lettering (text) and images – capture, illustrations or photos.

This means that for a video to be impactful in this space of time, it has to have rhythm. A slow video won’t hold the audience’s attention, but a video that’s too fast can get in the way of understanding the message. In this way, it is important to think about the time to read the information present in the video and highlight the content with more importance.


As mentioned above, videos for digital signage are short-lived and therefore have to be dynamic to be impactful.

Some of the most used features to make the video more attractive are scene transitions with shapes, masks, camera movements, zoom in and out, etc.

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