Why use motion graphics to present branding identities and marketing messages?

Video and animation marketing is growing year after year. It’s an easy way to consume content, it’s effective in conveying information and, when done right, it’s a pleasure to view.
The question is, with so many video options available for marketing, why choose motion graphics?
First, we need to understand what motion graphics is.

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a type of animation that uses text, graphics, color and motion to create visually appealing video content.
Generally, motion graphics are used for videos without characters and with a not very strong narrative. It is often seen in logo animations, product presentations, and explainer videos.
They have been used by leading brands in different sectors for a long time, as they are a proven and effective method of conveying messages in a simple, clear, concise and visually appealing way.

Why should you use motion graphics?

Virtually any business can benefit from video marketing, but choosing the right type of video is important. For this to happen, it is important to understand the different types of animation that exist. With that in mind, here are six benefits of using motion graphics.


1. They are perfect for logo animations

Motion graphics is ideal for logo animations. If you need your logo to stand out, a simple logo animation is a tried-and-true method to achieve. Logo animations are used by all major brands.

The advantage of an animated logo is simply to draw attention. If you want people to remember your brand name and logo and with some specific video content, an animated logo is the right way to do it.

2. Great if your product isn’t visually appealing

If your product or service doesn’t have a strong visual side, for example a software or an app, it’s a good time to use motion graphics. In this way it is possible to turn an unappealing product into a highly desired product.


3. Allows you to create an elegant and sophisticated branding

For some brands, 2D and 3D animation may seem too casual. One of the benefits of motion is that it can allow you to create a sophisticated feel for your brand. This is suitable for many corporate brands as well as many technology companies.

By choosing the right typeface, font, colors, narration, and even motion types, you can create motion graphics that perfectly represent your brand’s personality. It’s simple and powerful and means engaging and visually appealing video can be a reality for literally any type of brand.

4. Ideal for clear communication of facts, statistics and benefits

Motion is ideal for summarizing and presenting information in a simple and easy way. They allow you to remove everything that is in excess, keeping only the focus on the main message. For marketing this is a “must”. By restricting the viewer to basic yet powerful visual elements, motion graphics cuts right to the chase.
This means that motion is generally ideal for explainer videos. If you need to convey complex information to clients, motion purity is usually what you need.

5. Blends in with other video styles

One of the benefits of motion is that it can be used in conjunction with other animation styles. The most obvious application of this is that a logo animation can be used at the end of any type of video. But the creative possibilities go beyond that.

Motion graphics elements can be combined with live video, whiteboard animations, and 2D and 3D animation. Effects are often distinctive and visually appealing as you mix styles to support your video’s narrative and engage the viewer.

6. Motion graphics are visually appealing

Humans have used graphics for millennia, and the human eye is naturally drawn to the effective use of color, movement and beauty. These things are part of our species, intimately linked to how we’ve evolved over hundreds of thousands of years.

This is why graphic design remains so powerful and effective today. By creating stunning visuals that build on fundamental design elements, you touch something deep in your audience’s brain. From here, you are in a powerful position to get your message across and drive action.

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