How can an animated video help your business increase sales?

One of the digital marketing trends that has gained the most space in recent years is undoubtedly the animated video.
The so-called motion design, with its enormous potential to tell stories and demonstrate services or products, in seconds, is one of the main reasons for making this format so fun and engaging.
In this article, we show you how motion can help your company to increase your sales and we also indicate some good motion design practices.

What is an animated video?

Also called motion graphics, animated video is an audiovisual technique that has been heavily explored in digital marketing because it is relatively simple (when compared to previous decades), accessible and highly efficient in terms of conveying a message.
In short, it consists of giving movement to a graphic element on the screen, thus allowing complex concepts to be explained in a dynamic and interesting way, holding the user’s attention, without requiring large budgets.
As the animated video is about bringing abstract visual elements to life, it allows those who develop it to have greater creative freedom in order to make the materials attractive and shareable, thus making them ideal for increasing audience adhesion and capturing leads. in brand promotional campaigns.

Why has motion design been increasingly explored in digital marketing?

By having a huge ability to integrate visual resources and important information in a single content, animated video is very efficient when it comes to capturing new leads. It is for this reason that companies that do not have a very visually appealing product – such as an application or software – use this strategy to boost their campaigns.
Undoubtedly, video animation is a great way for brands to communicate with their audience in a playful, fun, simple and fast way, without requiring a large budget.

How should motion be used strategically?

Like any other content to be effective, animated video has to be used with the right strategy.
The more visibility the video has, the greater the chances of reaching the audience it was intended for. In this way, it will be interesting to share animated video in email marketing, social networks, landing pages, websites, or any other digital support that allows it.
It is also important to optimize videos for search engines. Although many people think that SEO only refers to text content, motion design should be optimized to have a positive organic positioning, thus increasing the positions in search rankings.
Another important strategy is to place CTAs on animated videos. Taking the viewer to action is always important when it comes to attracting customers or selling products and services. In this way, requesting emails, suggesting visits to the website or recommending other content related to the topic present in the video are good practices to lead potential customers through the sales funnel.


To conclude, it is important to highlight that motion must take into account the profile and needs of its target audience and must meet good motion design practices. To take your company to the next level in terms of sales, count on WEMOTION to create the best animated video for your campaigns!